Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whew, I'm Tired!!

As hard as it may be to believe, Will is turning 1 next week! We are having a party at our house with family and a few friends. We are so excited that we have family traveling from all over to celebrate this special day with us. We feel like we are celebrating more that Will having survived our first year of being parents! Corey and I both had Teddy Bear themes for our 1st birthday so we are caring on the tradition with him.

So, have you ever planned a party that you thought would be a lot of fun and the closer you got the bigger and more complicated it became? I must say that I am exhausted!! I have been washing windows, base boards, cleaning out closets and pulling weeds. Corey reminded me yesterday that no one is coming to see our house. They are coming to see our boy on his big day. So, to all my friends and family out there who keep me grounded everyday please remind me next time to order pizza, ignore the mess and embrace the special moment that is about to happen. We are so proud of our boy!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Music Man

Many of you know that Corey got home from Mexico last week. He brought Will a special present all the way from the Baja. It is a brightly colored mini guitar as you can see in the pictures. There is nothing Will likes more that making music (which makes his daddy really proud). So here are some cute pictures we took the other day of Corey and Will both playing their very 1st guitars. I may even have to learn to play something soon. Everyday Will begs to get out daddies guitars and play. You can imagine how bad it sounds when I pretend to play him a song! Thank goodness he is too young to know the difference.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh, by the way...

Sorry I didn't mention it before but I decided that I was ready for a change on our blog. So I made a few adjustments, with Corey's help of course. I hope you enjoy our new look!

Taste Test

Will is cracking me up! The boy that used to eat everything is now not so sure about the world of food around him. When he is not sure about something he sticks his tongue out to see if it is good. If not you can guarantee that he is not going to be eating that today. This all started with his knew found independence. One day Will woke up and decided that he did not want to be spoon fed anymore so we quit pureeing everything and started giving him finger foods. Now it seems the only way I can get him to eat his veggies is if I sprinkle a little unsweetened applesauce over it. Then you would think he had found the best food ever! So tell me, is this normal? Am I creating a monster by using the applesauce. Any advice would be great! Below you will see pictures of Will eating a food that he does love... spaghetti. We tried it the other night and praise the Lord we didn't have to fight him to eat it!