Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just Catching Up...

I just wanted to share a picture of Will playing with his cousin Jaxon and Uncle Richard in Montgomery. We went down the week before last and spent a few days helping them get unpacked and settled. It was great to go to Vaughn Park that Wednesday and see a few old friends.

We have been so busy around here lately. We celebrated our anniversary, had the seniors over for a prayer night, hosted our Welcome Home dinner and since then we have been helping Will get through his newest round of teething. He has 10 teeth now! Including 3 molars that are working there way in. None of us are getting much sleep as he struggles to get them in. Hopefully, this will be the worst of it for awhile. So, we are relieved that things are a little slower this week. We are able to focus on Will and catch our breath a little. I have included a picture of our Sr. prayer night at our house. We had a lot of fun that night.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Celebrating 8 Years Together

Today, Corey and I celebrated 8 years of marriage! We feel so blessed to have found each other and have the opportunity to build a life together. This picture reminds me of how young we were when we got married. Time has really flown by!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Beach & Milk and Cookies

We have finally got our bags unpacked and recovered from the beach. We had so much fun! I have added a few pictures from our adventure. The beach picture is right outside of Sea n Suds (our favorite seafood restaurant) and the other is us riding a Ferris Wheel in Orange Beach at The Wharf. It was a great time for us to reconnect and relax. The look on Will's face when we walked in the door on Friday made the whole thing even better. He was so happy to see Daddy & Mommy!

So I have to tell you about the milk and cookie treat Will had last night. First, I have to tell you that we are finally off the bottle! Yeah!!! While we were gone to the beach his Nana taught him how to drink out of a straw so when we got him on Friday we put away the bottles and are only using straw sippy cups. He got very upset about it on Saturday but after he worked through that he was fine. So yesterday while I was folding laundry I was having a little snack of Oreo cookies. I looked away for just a minute and the next thing I know Will has dumped out the cookies and has one in his mouth. So there in the floor Will had his first milk and cookies. He was so cute with Oreo and milk all over his face.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

her name is Hope

I just wanted to share that we got our test results back from my D&C a few weeks ago. The results showed that she was a girl and that she had Turner Syndrome which is a genetic problem. Dr. Conrad said that she would have had a lot of health & mental problems if she had survived. So after some thought we have decided to give her the name Hope. We look forward to meeting her one day in Heaven and cradling her in our arms. She really makes Heaven a little sweeter each day as we think about our reunion. The good news is that Turner Syndrome only shows up in 1 in 30,000 so Dr. Conrad was not concerned about future pregnancies. We feel so blessed to be Will & Hope's parents!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Going to the Beach

Yeah! It is finally time for our vacation! We have decided to go to the beach and leave Will with Corey's parents. We are a little nervous to leave him for a whole week. We are worried that we may miss him the whole time. But, I know that it will be a much needed break for both of us. Thanks to some good friends that reminded me that if Will goes it will not seem like a vacation for me since he is still taking two naps a day... not much time left for laying on the beach and reading a book! So, here we go driving to Gulf Shores with one suitcase, a couple of beach chairs and a few really good books. Pray for us that we don't feel sad every time we think of Will! Below you will see a few funny pictures that we took of Will.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Will!!

We can't believe it! A year ago today William Luke Emmanuel Trevathan entered the world. What an exciting year this has been! He has blessed our lives more than he will ever know. We feel so proud to be his mommy and daddy. So to our little boy who is turning 1 today we say, "Happy Birthday!" After looking at all of his pictures I am finding that I hardly recognize this little man that he has become. That pudgy little face and tiny fingers and toes have been replaced with big boy features. I am so thankful that he is healthy and is learning and growing strong everyday. God has truly blessed our family!

Today I wanted to share some of the pictures from Will's birthday party last weekend. We had so much fun! We ate, opened presents, watched a video (that I hope to share with you later) and visited with all of our guests. Will loved the balloons. He also enjoyed his cake that my mom and I made. The only thing that he couldn't understand was why we would take his presents away as soon as he opened them. Thanks to all of you for his special presents. He has had so much fun playing with his new toys. We hope you enjoy the pictures!