Saturday, April 29, 2006

6 Months Pregnant

The last two weeks have been restful! We went to the doctor yesterday and got a good report. He said that things were looking good and that we have not progressed any further. The only concern is that I am still having contractions on a daily basis. He monitored me for a while and then sent us home. The rest seems to really be working. We are very thankful.

My class at school had a surprise baby shower for me last week. I had a great time. It was so good to see all of my kiddo's at school. I really miss them. It has been hard to not be there and finish the year with them. I also really miss my teacher friends.

Corey and his parents have kept me from getting too board here at home. They have done a lot of yard work and planting around the house. Debbie, Corey's mom, and I also went this week to get the fabric to make curtains for the nursery. It was great to get out of the house.

My mom came for a visit this weekend. We have had a lot of fun catching up. We did a little bit of shopping. She made me ride in a wheelchair most of the time. It was great to show her the nursery. She is a very excited future grandma!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Latest Report

Corey and I wanted to pass on a prayer request. Last Saturday I started having Braxton Hicks and then I continued having pain all week. I finally decided to go to the doctor on Thursday so we could be sure that everything was okay. I was sure that it was just stretching and growing pains. The doctor said that my cervix was softening. Since I am only 24 weeks it is obviously too early for this to be happening. I have been put on a modified bed rest which means that I can go to church and do a couple of other special activities but no teaching, youth trips or other activities that would not allow me to lay down and rest when I started feeling pressure. I am sure that everything will be fine and that I won’t deliver this baby until I am 42 weeks! I just wanted to pass this along in hopes that you would remember this baby in your prayers and that it will not get in a hurry to make its appearance in the world.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nursery Almost Completed!

The Nursery is almost completed. Dad & I put the crown molding up last weekend. The painting of the murals are now done. Except for a few minor details, I think we're about done. Check out the pictures below of Humpty Dumpty, the Cow that Jumped over the Moon & the Dish & the Spoon.

Alisha is doing well. At our last doctor's appointment she was technically at 22 weeks, but she measured at 26. That's got us a little excited. All in all she seems to be doing well. You'll see her 5 month picture below.

Baby Registry

We've finally taken the time to get our baby registry going. We spent some time Saturday at Babies "R" Us. Who knows if we've registered for everything we need or not. If you have children then you know more than us. Feel free to tell us that one thing that we can't live without that we didn't register for. We're all ears! You can see our registry online at Babies "R" Us. We still plan to register at Target. Hopefully we can do that soon as well. We'll keep you posted.