Friday, September 21, 2007

Snug as a Bug!

Don't you just love a blankie! Will sure loves his. It is not what you think, though. It is not one special blanket that he uses. It is not fancy. It does not have his name embroidered on it or any of those fancy tags they sew on them. All he requires is a small flannel blanket. It can be yellow, green, blue or even have animal designs on it. The look on his face when you hand it to him is priceless! The biggest smile appears and you may even get a laugh. When he gets his blankie in his arms he will proceed to bite it for a minute and then wrap it around his neck if he is sleepy. So if you ever see me with a blankie thrown over my shoulder just know that it is there for good reason. It makes my little man smile with delight and feel at peace with the world around him.

Above are a few pictures I took the other afternoon. Will was a little fussy and was carrying his blanket around in his mouth while he played. So I had the great idea to tie it around his neck. He was so much calmer the rest of the afternoon while he wore it around the house.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We wanted to share a few pictures from the past couple of weeks. It has been such a fun summer. We hope you enjoy the pics!

Will learned to stand up in his baby pool in the backyard with Daddy and Sam the dog! He is reaching for Sam. I am not sure he even realized he was standing up by himself.

He got stuck in our entertainment stand. He loves to crawl and climb!

Can anyone say War Eagle? Don't you love how Brandon Cox is in the background? (We didn't plan that.) Will had fun watching the game with us. He got a little nervous when we got excited.

Below are a few that we took of Will on Labor Day. We were trying to get some 1-year-old pics.

I love pictures of him crawling.

We wanted to make this one into a portrait but, we're not sure if it will work.

Silly Will! He had fun standing in his chair.

A few more of our favorites!