Monday, January 28, 2008

In Corey's words, "It's a Boy"!!!

Friday at 1pm we took the plunge. We entered the hair salon just a few minutes late. Sat Will in that big chair and let the cutting begin! Joy, my hair stylist, was so sweet with him. He was really nervous about the whole thing.

When she wet his hair he started to get upset but we put the pasy in and all was okay.

He held onto our finger the whole time.

When we walked out of the salon the first thing Corey said was, "It's a boy", in case anyone had been wondering!! I really do like the big boy look he has now but I will always miss those curls a little. We took Will to get ice cream afterwards for being such a big boy. It was a good family day!

As you can see, he is proud of his new look too!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bye, Bye Curls!

I am really sad but I think it may be time for them to go... Corey has had about all that he can handle. He complains that not only do I dress Will in cute little smocked outfits with knee socks but I am also letting his hair grow out to look like a girls. When I got my hair done last week I was talking to my stylist about it and she urged me to take the plunge. When she heard that he was almost 18 months old and had never had a haircut she was convinced. You have to understand why I have waited so long. He did not have much or any hair for so long that I have really loved him having a little plus, I think longer hair on little boys is cute. His hair is starting to look a little frizzy at times and I am not always sure how to fix it so I guess it is time. What do you think? I made an appt. for tomorrow. Should they stay? Should they go??

Happy to be Home

I caught another virus this weekend and had to spend two nights in the hospital! It is crazy to me that I taught school for 4 years and never caught a virus but have caught two in the last two months while being at home. : ) I am wondering does your immune system weaken after you quit teaching? Thank goodness Will has not been sick this winter other that a few colds. As you can see above, I am so happy to be home. I really missed my sleepy little boy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Baby

(This is a picture of the baby with it's hands over it's face.)

So here are some pictures of the "New Baby" which is what it will be called until it is born since we didn't find out what we are having. We are 22 weeks this week! The pictures are not as good as they might have been because the baby was in a weird position. I wonder if this baby will be shy? Dr. Conrad elevated my feet above my head to try to make it move around. It was like being on a Six Flags ride! I held on to the table so tight because I was afraid that I might slide right off! We are so excited to meet this little one in a few months.

Be sure to see the other new post below. I had a lot to share today!

Trees & Trains

We planted our Christmas tree in the yard a week or so ago and I wanted to share a picture of Will with it. This will be his tree to mark his first Christmas even though technically it is his second. We went to the tree farm too late to do it last year.

He looks very proud doesn't he?

We had fun at Jaxon's 2nd birthday party last weekend! He had a train themed party. Will loves those "choo,choo's"!

I thought this was a funny picture of Will waiting for cake. All of the excitement was wearing him out!

Jaxon eating his cake with Nana.

As you can see, he perked up when he saw the cake in front of him. I am so proud of how good he is doing with a fork/spoon lately. We have really been working on it. (I am hoping he will be able to feed himself completely when the new baby comes.) Look for ultrasound pictures of the new baby soon...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Maybe My Best Birthday Yet...

We celebrated what may have been my favorite birthday last weekend. The big 2-9! The older I get the less I seem to care about how old I am. Maybe it's because half of the time I can't even remember how old I am!

We started the celebration by cleaning out the garage. I know what you are thinking but don't forget that I am pregnant and have already started nesting. What more could a pregnant woman want than a clean garage?? (Also, remember: We just cleaned out our guest room for Will so guess where all of that stuff ended up last month.) Then Corey's dad babysat for us while we went to dinner and a movie. (Thanks Mark!) We had so much fun getting to have dinner AND go to a movie all in one night!

On Saturday, which is my actual birthday, Corey and Will worked on making me a cake and ran some errands for me. I actually had the morning to get a little extra sleep. I was pretty lazy all day. That night a family from our youth group volunteered to babysit Will and also gave us a gift card to eat at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. (If you are reading this - Thanks again! It was awesome!) We had a great time and really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Very fancy!! When we got home we had cake and opened presents.

So if you ask me I think this weekend was pretty close to perfect. I am so blessed to have such a great husband that worked hard to give me a great weekend. Here are a few pictures from the celebration.

Corey and Will getting the pans ready for the cake.

The finished cake. Two layers of chocolate cake with white icing - my favorite! Didn't Corey do good decorating the cake? He spent a lot of time making it just right. Including sorting out the right color heart sprinkles so it would all match. If you are wondering why Ali -that's how I sign my name to him sometimes.

Will was a little impatient with all of the picture taking. He was ready to eat!

He loved the cake!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas Memories

We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season! We really enjoyed ours with Will this year. I was a little sad to see all of the Ho, Ho's (as Will would say) get packed up because of all of the joy they brought us this year. Next year will be double the fun with the newest Trevathan joining us. So much to look forward to! Here are a few pictures from all of our Christmas celebrations. This is really long so you will have to bear with me or check back later. : )

We had fun at the Culverhouse Christmas this year. We were so happy we celebrated early this year since Granddaddy passed on to be with his Maker right before Christmas. We are all missing him so much. If you are wondering why I am wearing balloons on my head remember what I mentioned in a previous post about Corey's uncle being a clown and all the fun we have with the family every year.

We had a great time at my mom's for Christmas this year. Will had fun helping his Grammy open his presents from him.

I think Will had about a dozen cookies at my dad's house! He also loved his 4 wheeler that his Grandpa Penny got him! It was so funny to see him ride on it for the first time. He pushes a button to make it go but, every time he would push it he would look behind him to see who was making it go.

Christmas with Corey's family was really nice this year. The boys had so much fun playing together. Will loved all his "choo's, choo's" and his "car" that Nana and Papa got for him.

So Santa may have went a little overboard this year on Will. He got his very own big boy room! Santa's helpers had a lot of fun helping him with this project.

Santa put all of Will's toys under his tree in his new room. It was fun playing in there all morning.

We read this monkey book all day long to Will. We finally hid it for awhile so that he would play with his toys. It made his mom, the teacher really proud! : )

He also loved his "bubbles" (fish) that we gave him. I wish I had time to put the video on of him playing with it. He just laid in front of it and kicked his legs and pointed to each of the fish as they passed by.

As you can see we had a wonderful holiday. Sorry for so many pictures but I haven't blogged in so long that there was a lot to catch up on. Happy New Year everyone!