Friday, July 21, 2006

Nearly 38 Weeks & Counting

Today we had another visit with the doctor & all went well. Alisha is measuring at 40 weeks. It's been typical throughout for her to measure 2 weeks ahead. We also found out today that she is dilated to 1 centimeter & she's 50% effaced. So if you know what that means, then I'm glad. All I know is that it sounds like we're starting to make some progress. Obviously we're beginning to wonder how big this baby is going to get & what it will be like to bring this baby into the world. According to our doc, who we have great respect for, standard care is that at 9lbs. or more a c-section is offered. So who knows, we may be getting close to that point. We have another appointment in a week, if we make it that far we'll probably be making some decisions. But who knows. We'll keep taking it one day at a time for right now. The bags are basically packed. The car seat is locked & loaded. I guess we're ready. We even wrote a lullaby for the little one. I'll see if I can figure out a way to record it & post it here for you to listen to, if you're interested. For now, keep us (especially Alisha) in your prayers. Thanks!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Anxiously Waiting

Today we went for our 36 week check up. Dr. Conrad said everything is going great. The baby has not dropped yet so we probably still have a few weeks before we get to meet our little one. I measured 39 weeks so we are fairly confident that baby "T" will be a hearty baby. So to my friends who love "fat" babies you are sure to love this one. : ) And for those of you who see me flying down Taylor Rd (the most bumpy road in Huntsville) in Corey's Jeep Wrangler or walking 5 miles a day just know that we are anxious to meet this little one and willing to do whatever it takes to get it here.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Top 10

Here's the "Top 10" photos & captions to fill you in on our journey over the past few weeks!

1. Happy Mother's Day. Here we are at Corey's parent's house celebrating mothers day.

2. Alisha goes back to school for a surprise baby shower from her Kindergarten class!

3. Alisha's mom comes for a visit to see the nursery.

4. Proud parents to be.

5. The Kindergarten teachers at Endeavor celebrate with Alisha as they throw her a special shower at school.

6. In Columbus, MS, Alisha has a shower along with her cousin Spring who is also expecting (Congratulations!).

7. Alisha & her dad compare bellies to see who's carrying the baby!

8. Here is Alisha at 8 months pregnant!

9. After coming home from Honduras Corey takes Alisha out for a date(& of course has to get a picture or two).

10. 9 months pregnant! 36 weeks! It's almost time. Anybody got a guess as to when the birthday will be???

Monday, July 10, 2006

9 Months

As of yesterday Alisha is officially 9 months pregnant. 36 weeks! The due date is August 6th, but the baby could come at any time now. Hopefully this week I'll put up several new photos. Sorry we haven't done more of that lately. Between travel, the summer schedule, & everything else we've barely been able to check email much less blog. But we'll do our best to keep this better updated as we near the arrival of our baby. We are so excited & apprecaite everyone's encouragement & support along the way. Check back later this week for fun photos!