Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Late Thanksgiving... The Stomach Bug Strikes again!

Since it has been exactly a week since Thanksgiving I thought it was about time to wish everyone a good one. I can't seem to catch up on my blog. Maybe one day!

We were exited and prepared to visit the Trevathan family in Tennessee on Thanksgiving day. I was not feeling the best Wednesday night at church but thought that it was my normal morning sickness that always seems worse at night. Around 10pm Wednesday night everything changed. Corey got really sick and then I followed him a few hours later. We were up all night. Thank goodness Will slept through the night! About 8am we decided to get in touch with my doctor who said that we should both head to the hospital. Corey to the ER and myself to Labor & Delivery. Praise the Lord for Mark and Debbie because we would not have made it without them. Debbie came and got Will for us and Mark took us to Crestwood. We ended up spending the whole day there. We both felt so bad for Mark & Debbie who not only missed Thanksgiving but had to babysit us all. Mark's Thanksgiving meal was crackers, Cheetos, & M&M's... that was for the whole day! The blessing was that no one else seemed to catch it including Will. We were so thankful!

We spent most of the weekend resting with exception to one very short shopping trip on Friday... nothing could keep me from such a good deal on a new washer & dryer. This is our Christmas gift to each other. We must be getting old to be excited about such a thing. Although, I am not sure Corey is as excited as I am! Then on Saturday we had fun cheering on our Auburn Tigers. War Eagle! We really enjoyed watching the game with Corey's family.

We had all planned to visit the Trevathan family on Sunday since we missed them Thursday. I had a change of plans when I woke up not feeling the best that morning. Dr. Conrad, my obgyn, saw me at church that morning and told me that it would be very easy to relapse and get sick again. I had no idea that you could relapse from something like that! So I spent the day resting while the rest of the crew went for a visit. I am still waiting for turkey and dressing... does anyone have any leftovers???

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Growing Up!

My little boy is growing up a little more everyday. I told Corey that other night that I was going to put our baby to bed and it hit me at that moment that he is not a baby anymore. While he will always be "my baby" he sure doesn't resemble the little wrinkled boy curled up in a blanket that he used to be.

Corey and I both agreed that Will was showing some of the traditional signs of being an only child that stays home with mommy all day, like not knowing how to interact with other kids, hitting, not sharing and not using very many words. Last week his cousin Jaxon stayed the week with Corey's mom, aka Nana. So, we decided to take advantage of having another little friend down the road and went for a visit everyday. I know that it probably wore Nana out having two little boys run around her house all week but, it really did a world of good for Will. He learned the word No, which his loves to say. His very first phrase was No, Mommy! (Got to love that!) Jaxon, also taught him lots of other words and most importantly how to share a little and that hitting is not nice.

So, hears to growing up and learning new things everyday. It is fun watching him change a little bit every week. It is a journey that we would not trade for anything! Here are a few more pictures that we took last month when it was still warm and Jason was in town.