Tuesday, April 10, 2007


We had so much fun with Will last weekend. We went to Mayfair's Easter egg hunt on Saturday. Will loved to eat the plastic eggs. He was in such a good mood. As you can see he was a little unsure of the Easter Bunny but, besides that he had fun playing with his friends.

Will had fun eating lunch with us on Sunday. He loves to play Peek-a-Boo with his daddy. You can't see his daddy but, that is why he is wearing that big smile!

Even though it was freezing outside we had to go out and get a few snapshots. Will did not like sitting on that cold grass. This is the only picture that we got with a good smile.

After taking pictures we went in and played with the stuff in Will's Easter basket. He doesn't eat candy of course so we had to get creative. He got several books, a bunny and bubbles. I thought that he would love the bubbles but as you can see he was not too sure about them. Maybe later he will grow to like them. We might try them in the bath. He loves to play in the tub.

Next weekend we will get to celebrate Easter in MS with my family. I will share some pictures from all of our family celebrations from this weekend and next, next week.

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