Friday, June 08, 2007

On the Sunny side of Life

Check out some of our favorite foto moments from the last several months. Turn up the volume to enjoy one of our (Will & Dad's) favorite songs that we sing to mom.


Lane said...

oh my stars!!! that is precious!!! how cool to have a daddy that knows how to do this fancy stuff! Will is such a photogenic baby - he looks like he should be in ads & commercials! I love the video...yall are the best. Love ya! Lane

Anonymous said...

Corey! I'm soooo lovin that country music!!! "Forever & ever" is a classic country favorite of ours. Mitch & I have been singing it for years. I'm so glad to see that your horizons are broadening for your talented son's sake... you!!!

Stacy said...

Are you there?? Can we get something about the T-fam? Impact stories/pics? :)