Friday, September 21, 2007

Snug as a Bug!

Don't you just love a blankie! Will sure loves his. It is not what you think, though. It is not one special blanket that he uses. It is not fancy. It does not have his name embroidered on it or any of those fancy tags they sew on them. All he requires is a small flannel blanket. It can be yellow, green, blue or even have animal designs on it. The look on his face when you hand it to him is priceless! The biggest smile appears and you may even get a laugh. When he gets his blankie in his arms he will proceed to bite it for a minute and then wrap it around his neck if he is sleepy. So if you ever see me with a blankie thrown over my shoulder just know that it is there for good reason. It makes my little man smile with delight and feel at peace with the world around him.

Above are a few pictures I took the other afternoon. Will was a little fussy and was carrying his blanket around in his mouth while he played. So I had the great idea to tie it around his neck. He was so much calmer the rest of the afternoon while he wore it around the house.


Sunny said...


I think that it is so adorable for him to love his blankie. Jackson has taken a big liking to his and it is so cute!

Stacy said...

Martha Kimbrough gave Lawson a green frog blankie and I told her over and over how it was my saving could calm a screaming little boy instantly!! He still refuses to go to bed without it! So...when we found out Jordan was a girl, Mrs. Martha came through with a pink works wonders on our little girl too!!

Blankies are WONDERFUL!!! :) I'm glad Will loves his, too!


My kids have little bear blankies (similar to the ones that my Mom gave Lawson and Jordan) and they can't sleep without them. They love those things! They will carry them around when playing, too. The pictures of Will are cute. I thought you had tied a little sweater around his neck like a little "preppy" boy when I first saw the top one. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay I don't have a kid that likes their blanket (maybe one day :)) but he is just too cute!! We miss you guys and hope your fall is off to a great start. Looking forward to seeing you when you come in October. Let me know when it is because we seriously would love to have you all over for dinner. I check on here often to see how you all are. Take care,


Jamey said...

Super Baby! Looks like he's wearing a cape. Avery has to have her pink blanket in order to sleep...don't know how we're going to break her of it. Sometimes I wonder what Braden is going to love!

Maryanne said...

hey corey & alisha! long time no see! ya'll seriously have the cutest kid ever! jason and i were joking at church (i went to college hills on sunday to hear him speak)about how will is probably bigger than joshua..he sure is adorable though! i'll be home this weekend, look forward to seeing everyone again!
-maryanne rieder