Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Growing Up!

My little boy is growing up a little more everyday. I told Corey that other night that I was going to put our baby to bed and it hit me at that moment that he is not a baby anymore. While he will always be "my baby" he sure doesn't resemble the little wrinkled boy curled up in a blanket that he used to be.

Corey and I both agreed that Will was showing some of the traditional signs of being an only child that stays home with mommy all day, like not knowing how to interact with other kids, hitting, not sharing and not using very many words. Last week his cousin Jaxon stayed the week with Corey's mom, aka Nana. So, we decided to take advantage of having another little friend down the road and went for a visit everyday. I know that it probably wore Nana out having two little boys run around her house all week but, it really did a world of good for Will. He learned the word No, which his loves to say. His very first phrase was No, Mommy! (Got to love that!) Jaxon, also taught him lots of other words and most importantly how to share a little and that hitting is not nice.

So, hears to growing up and learning new things everyday. It is fun watching him change a little bit every week. It is a journey that we would not trade for anything! Here are a few more pictures that we took last month when it was still warm and Jason was in town.


Sunny said...

Will is just too cute! They DO grow up so fast! I wish there were a way to slow it down. I'm sure that he had a blast with Jaxon. He is going to make such a good big brother. Love the pictures!

laura said...

Yea! I finally saw the monkey suit. It is sooo cute. Thank you for sharing. Have you seen how my babies have grown up? It is on my blog. It flies by.


Our kids are growing up! It seems like they just came into the world. It's crazy!!! Imagine all 3 of your babies growing up all at once...kinda sad, but fun, too. He is such a cute little boy. :) I bet he had fun with Jaxon being here. I wish we lived closer together and could play some during the day. I hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely adorable--those blue eyes are so big!!! I just want to squeeze him. Hope you guys are doing well. I have been meaning to call you and catch up. I will try and do that real soon. We miss you guys!!

Jamey said...

I love the pictures of them in their overalls!! So cute!