Thursday, February 07, 2008

6 - 18 Months

We are 6 months pregnant!

I went to the doctor today and everything looked great! I have gained 16 pounds... yikes!!! The babies heart rate was in the 140's and my tummy measured 26 weeks (I am about 25 1/2 weeks pregnant) so everything seems very normal. I told the doctor that I have had two dreams about this baby. The first was that it was a girl and she was 6 lbs. It was so easy to give birth to her that I ran out and bought pink pacys and bows and then went back to the hospital for recovery. More recently, I dreamed that it was a boy and he weighed in at a whopping 10lbs. 4 oz! I was so stunned by the sheer size of him when they handed him to me that I wasn't even shocked by the actual weight. So, your guess is as good as mine on what this baby will be. Corey and I are both leaning towards it being a boy because I seem to be carrying the exact same way as last time and everything else seems to be the same. Who knows?!

Will is 18 months old!

Will loves his new climber! We were looking for one for the summer and hoping to buy one second hand since they are so very expensive. So we did a little research online and found a family that was moving and had only had it for a year. As soon as Corey got it put together Will new just what to do. He ran to the stairs and climbed right up without any help and slid down the slide. After his first time he seemed a little more nervous about the slide and wanted help but besides that you would think he had been playing on it forever. It has room underneath for a sandbox so when it gets a little warmer we will have to add that for more fun. Corey told Will this was a really early birthday present but, I am thinking maybe a half birthday present? (Not that we want to start that tradition! : )) None the less, I am really hoping this will entertain Will during the summer for many hours so that I will have a little time to be with the new baby.


Sunny said...

You look great in that picture! (I love the frame and portrait of Will! I know that you are so excited to have it hanging up!)

I'm thinking boy! But hopefully, he will be on the small size!

I cannot believe that Will is 18 months old. He looks so proud of his new slide. I'm sure that he will have a blast on it this summer. You are a good mommy for wanting to invest in a sand box. I don't even want my kids to know what one is. I'm not one for messes!

kyllie said...

Alisha--You look fantastic! I am really glad to hear that things looked great at your doctor's appointment. Haha, I remember having those crazy dreams when I was pregnant, it's wild what all those extra hormones will do to you!

Wow, Will's 18 months, I know it's probably hard to believe, it all goes by so quickly! I love his slide(he looks like he's having a blast), I wanted to get Sara one for her 1st birthday, but I thought she might still be a little small for it. We might have to follow your lead and get her one this spring, you know, for her half-birthday present ;)


I'm glad that everything is going so good. :) It's hard to believe that you are that far along already. Crazy how time flies! I hope that the smaller baby dream is more likely to happen over the bigger baby dream. I guess Dr. Conrad will be a little more prepared this time if it is a big baby. :)

Love Will's new playgound! I can't believe he's 18 months. Our kids are going to be TWO soon! He will have a great time with that! I'm ready to shop at consignment sales. I'm hoping to find some new stuff for the kids to play with this Spring/Summer.

Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

You look great and am I glad that the check up went well and that all looks good. We will continue to pray for a continued healthy pregnancy. Those dreams are so funny!! I imagine that they probably learned from you having a big baby last time to be more prepared. By the way...if it is a girl and even if she is 6 pounds and you do feel like shopping we will go and get some pink things for her to have. No need for you to interrupt the recovery ;)

Will looks like he is lovin the slide. Glad you were able to find one and from the looks of it he will be enjoying it daily when the weather gets nicer.

Jamey said...

Avery's been playing in the long jump pits at track practice. She calls them the 'big sandbox.' That will suffice for her sandbox now!

What site did you look at to find a family moving with the slide? I'd like to find some less expensive outdoor equipment.

Tori said...

Alisha, you look awesome!! Yeah for 6 months and I am so glad to hear that everything is right on track. Will looks like a little man---so handsome!!! You don't have much longer.

Corey & Alisha said...

Hey Jamey! I got on Craigs List online. Sunny actually told me about it recently. You can choose your state & city that you want to look at. I checked out Montgomery when I was looking and they had some good stuff listed. You should check it out.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

you are so cute! I didn't realize you were that far along, and that baby 2 will be a surprise. yay! how do you stand the suspense? do you have names picked out for both sexes?

Brooke said...

I think it will be a girl!! I never looked that good pregnant!!

Dana (Std Univ - woodsdc) said...

awe you look WONDERFUL!!! ;) Will is growing so BIG, I guess thats what happens when you start big ;)!! Have a wonderful week!! Miss you Girl!!

Corey & Alisha said...

I'll be honest, the surprise is killing me this time! With Will I was so excited to be having a baby that the wait wasn't too bad but with this baby it has been really hard. We do finally have our names picked out but we don't actually share them. You can image how much our kids in the youth group and our families hate us for this. It does, however, make the delivery day really exciting for everyone. Pray that we will make it!

Jason said...

I'm going to go against the grain and predict it's a girl this time. I at least hope the first dream comes true with regard to the baby's weight!

And I just realized I'm the only guy to comment on this post!