Saturday, April 15, 2006

Latest Report

Corey and I wanted to pass on a prayer request. Last Saturday I started having Braxton Hicks and then I continued having pain all week. I finally decided to go to the doctor on Thursday so we could be sure that everything was okay. I was sure that it was just stretching and growing pains. The doctor said that my cervix was softening. Since I am only 24 weeks it is obviously too early for this to be happening. I have been put on a modified bed rest which means that I can go to church and do a couple of other special activities but no teaching, youth trips or other activities that would not allow me to lay down and rest when I started feeling pressure. I am sure that everything will be fine and that I won’t deliver this baby until I am 42 weeks! I just wanted to pass this along in hopes that you would remember this baby in your prayers and that it will not get in a hurry to make its appearance in the world.


Aunt Donna said...

Alisha, we will continue to remember your family in our thoughts and prayers. As you know, the twins were born at 24.4 weeks. We have been truly blessed in more ways than one. They are now 9 months old and growing stronger each day. Lily is now 14 lbs and Nathan is 12 lbs. Follow doctors orders & TAKE care of yourself!!!! Let us know if we can help! Luv u!!!!

rieder309 said...

hey alisha,
just wanted to let you know that i am for you and the baby, and that I hope you get to feeling better!
-maryanne rieder

rieder309 said...

sorry forgot to put the word praying in there-I am PRAYING for you and the baby..haha oops