Friday, July 14, 2006

Anxiously Waiting

Today we went for our 36 week check up. Dr. Conrad said everything is going great. The baby has not dropped yet so we probably still have a few weeks before we get to meet our little one. I measured 39 weeks so we are fairly confident that baby "T" will be a hearty baby. So to my friends who love "fat" babies you are sure to love this one. : ) And for those of you who see me flying down Taylor Rd (the most bumpy road in Huntsville) in Corey's Jeep Wrangler or walking 5 miles a day just know that we are anxious to meet this little one and willing to do whatever it takes to get it here.


sunny said...

Might have to change that predicition on the weight. :) I am now guessing the baby will weigh 8#12oz. Sorry!!! (I hope its not that much or even more).

Lane said...

well...I'm thinking Dr C may decide to schedule you for this next week! At this point, Baby T is just gaining weight! Maybe this is a clue that this baby will be very laidback and easy going. Can't wait to hear the update! I absolutely LOVE the lullaby you've written...what an incredibly precious gift! This sweet baby is so blessed already to have parents like yall! love you ~ hang in there! -Lane & family

Anonymous said...

Yeah...a fat baby!! :)

I am glad that baby held on for one more week till we got back from Mexico. Looking forward to catching up with you...sorry I missed you yesterday!! Hang in there and if we can do anything let us know...I am up for a walk if you need a partner!!