Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Top 10

Here's the "Top 10" photos & captions to fill you in on our journey over the past few weeks!

1. Happy Mother's Day. Here we are at Corey's parent's house celebrating mothers day.

2. Alisha goes back to school for a surprise baby shower from her Kindergarten class!

3. Alisha's mom comes for a visit to see the nursery.

4. Proud parents to be.

5. The Kindergarten teachers at Endeavor celebrate with Alisha as they throw her a special shower at school.

6. In Columbus, MS, Alisha has a shower along with her cousin Spring who is also expecting (Congratulations!).

7. Alisha & her dad compare bellies to see who's carrying the baby!

8. Here is Alisha at 8 months pregnant!

9. After coming home from Honduras Corey takes Alisha out for a date(& of course has to get a picture or two).

10. 9 months pregnant! 36 weeks! It's almost time. Anybody got a guess as to when the birthday will be???


sunny said...

Great pics! I am predicting July 26th to be THE day! 6#9 oz. and about 20" long. Boy or girl - I go back and forth - only time will tell. Jason thinks its a boy. Abby Kate and Joshua are so excited to meet Corey & Leah's baby. We are so happy for you guys!

Lane said...

I love the pictures!!! yay! Alisha looks so pretty!!! I am guessing Birthday will be next Wed, yes, a church day, July 19th. I believe your baby will weigh about 8lbs, but I really don't know what it will be!!! and I cannot wait to find out! We love yall! Lane & family