Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trees & Trains

We planted our Christmas tree in the yard a week or so ago and I wanted to share a picture of Will with it. This will be his tree to mark his first Christmas even though technically it is his second. We went to the tree farm too late to do it last year.

He looks very proud doesn't he?

We had fun at Jaxon's 2nd birthday party last weekend! He had a train themed party. Will loves those "choo,choo's"!

I thought this was a funny picture of Will waiting for cake. All of the excitement was wearing him out!

Jaxon eating his cake with Nana.

As you can see, he perked up when he saw the cake in front of him. I am so proud of how good he is doing with a fork/spoon lately. We have really been working on it. (I am hoping he will be able to feed himself completely when the new baby comes.) Look for ultrasound pictures of the new baby soon...


Sunny said...

Will just looks too cute with that Christmas tree! It will be so neat to have his picture made with it each year.

I love the picture of him waiting on the cake. That is precious!


Looks like a fun party! Noah lays his head on the table on his arms all the time. Maybe it's a boy thing. They just want food if they're sitting at the table. I'm impressed Will is eating good w/ utensils. We're working on keeping our food on our plates more than eating w/ utensils. Just can't do the one on one practice as much as I would like. :) It'll come.

Jamey said...

It was such a treat to see you guys on Saturday! For some reason it didn't cross my mind that you would be there. What a fun surprise when we walked in the door!

Will does look proud of his tree. That's a neat idea to plantit so it can live forever!