Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Baby

(This is a picture of the baby with it's hands over it's face.)

So here are some pictures of the "New Baby" which is what it will be called until it is born since we didn't find out what we are having. We are 22 weeks this week! The pictures are not as good as they might have been because the baby was in a weird position. I wonder if this baby will be shy? Dr. Conrad elevated my feet above my head to try to make it move around. It was like being on a Six Flags ride! I held on to the table so tight because I was afraid that I might slide right off! We are so excited to meet this little one in a few months.

Be sure to see the other new post below. I had a lot to share today!


kyllie said...

How precious! Those are really good pictures, especially the last one! What a sweet face!

And since I haven't told you yet, Congratulations on the New Baby! I am thrilled for yall! I bet this pregnancy is flying by since you have a toddler running around to keep you busy!

Sunny said...

The ultrasound pictures are great! Didn't you have a picture of Will with his hands covering his face too?

I was just driving down the road today thinking about you and this baby. May will be here way too fast! I can't wait to meet this precious baby.

Tori said...

Too cute. I love the one with the baby covering his face. I can't believe you are 22 weeks along. Wow...it is flying by!! We are so excited for you guys. Thanks for all the posts!!


How exciting! The top one is sweet! I know ya'll are getting excited about finding out what it will be.

Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

It is so amazing to me how real the sonograms look these days! I know I sound like I am a hundred or something but it I am still not used to seeing how detailed they are. That is crazy!! I'm glad that you have been feeling better and I know you are getting excited. Can't wait to meet the new addition to your family ;)

Jamey said...

I love ultrasound pictures, and I like to go back and look at them after the baby is born to see the resemblances!