Thursday, March 30, 2006

Baby Pictures!

We had our 2nd ultrasound today, & it went great. We found out that the baby weighs 1 pound & 1 ounce, has a heart rate of 150, & is bald! It was really neat. It's amazing to actually see your child fully developed this early on at 21 & 1/2 weeks. Anyway, check out the picture below. What do you think, boy or a girl? And who does the baby look more like, Corey or Alisha?

This picture Dr. Conrad took when the baby put it's hands together. As soon as it happened Alisha said, "Look, it's praying." Immediatley Dr. Conrad took the picture & put the caption on it for us. Another neat memory along the way.

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Amy said... when I am there, I am going to find the envelope and find out if I am having a niece or nephew....Jaxon wants to know!!