Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nursery Decor Begins

Well, we've started on the nursery decorating. As always, we've got big ideas. We'll see how they work out. Alisha wants this to have a Nursery Rhyme theme. So you'll see the Cow that jumped over the moon, Humpty Dumpty, & the Dish & the Spoon to name a few. We hope to have pictures up in a few days of the progress. We've already painted a light green on the walls called "Hancock Green." It's a Benjamin Moore Historical color. We love those colors. Anyway, I'm working on painting the furniture for the room now. We've still got to paint the ceiling, paint & put up the crown molding, finish the wall murals, and do a few other little touches to make this room special. Should be fun. Check back in a few days to see pictures of our progress.

And we may also let you in on a little secret in our next post, stay tuned for that.

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