Wednesday, March 15, 2006

For the first time

Last night was really special because for the first time I (Corey) got to feel the baby move! Alisha was over on the couch & said she had felt the baby move with her hand on her tummy. At first I didn't believe her. But then I came over beside her & after a few seconds I could feel it too. It was amazing. I know later on Alisha will wish she didn't feel the baby as much when it starts kicking in her rib cage, but for's really cool. It's amazing the miracle that God has placed inside her & given to us to behold.


In other news, painting in the nursery continues. We've got the wall murals drawn & now it's up to our artistic skills to make them come alive with color.

We'll put more pictures up as we get it painted. Should look great in the end.

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