Monday, August 07, 2006

First Outing

Today has been an exciting day of firsts. We had our first doctors appointment this afternoon for Will. It was our first time to pack a diaper bag, get ourselves ready and get to an appointment on time with our newest bundle of joy. It is amazing how you learn to multi-task! We are happy to report that Will now weighs 9lbs. 2oz. The doctor said he is doing great. Corey was excited to dress him in an outfit that he picked out for him. Notice the drums on his shirt. Hopefully, he will grow up to love music like daddy.


laura said...

Did I miss the pictures. I didn't see any new ones. How is Alisha? Glad everyone is doing good.

Corey Trevathan said...

Sorry Laura - just got the photo up. Had trouble uploading it last night, but we got it up today!