Wednesday, August 02, 2006

William Luke Emmanuel Trevathan

Welcome to our world William Luke Emmanuel Trevathan.

Last night at 6:07PM little Will came into our world at 9lbs 1oz, 21 inches long! How Alisha ever delivered him I'll never know. She was absolutely amazing. Yesterday was filled with ups & downs, but what an amazing finish! We are so proud & excited.

We choose the name for our little guy with a lot of thought. We really wanted our boy to have a strong name, one rich with meaning. William was given to me by my dad. It was his middle name & his mother's maiden name. It's a name that carries a lot of family significance & we pray that it will encourage him to follow in the spiritual footprints laid before him. The name Luke carries the meaning "worshipful" which we hope & pray will be descriptive of our son. We choose it as a namesake after my Pappa, Lucian Trevathan, who went to heaven in July. Emmanuel means "God with us." And that's an expression of exactly how we feel. God has truly been with us. His hand in our lives & his fingerprints are easily seen as we look back. God has been ever present & we pray that He will be with our son in the same way He has been with us.

We pray that our son would be dedicated to God in every way & would grow in his love for the Lord everyday. Please join us in this prayer. We cannot express how grateful we are for ALL the prayers & love we have felt from our friends & family. Thank you all for everything. May God bless you in return for all the ways in which you've blessed us.

Here's what you've really been waiting to see, pictures!!! Enjoy!


Jamey said...

We are so happy that things went well and that your little one is here safe and sound!

Jenna said...

What a beautiful family!! I am so excited for you all!! I can't wait to meet little Will!!! :) Love you all... all 3 of you!!!

Kanona said...

Excellent! I'm so excited for you guys! The name is perfect and so is he! =) I hope to see him in person sometime soon. Take care and have fun with your new bundle of joy!


Anonymous said...

I posted something on yesterday's blog instead of today's....oops! Just wanted to make sure you saw it and that you knew we are so happy for ya'll. :) Hope you are enjoying your little one. Can't wait to see him!!! :) God is so good. We love ya'll! Anna and Ben

Anonymous said...

Corey and Alisha,

You guys have a beautiful family and that baby is SOOOO adorable. I love the picture. Thanks for letting us share in the moment with you guys. Alisha you are such a trooper and a strong woman--I am so proud of you. If we can do anything along the way just let us know.