Friday, August 11, 2006

Five Hundred & Thirteen

513. That's how many pictures we've taken of Will so far in his 10 days of life outside the womb. That's over 50 photos a day. That's a lot, right? Poor guy will probably go blind from the constant flash going off all the time! At least his life will be well documented. Today both my Grannys from my side of the family are coming to town, so yes... there will be more pictures. And that's ok. It's an exciting time & we're enjoying every minute of it. Some of the highlights include things like getting peed & pooped on while doing diaper changes, & during bath time. There's also the daily gargantuan spit up to look forward to. Like last night I had him on my shoulder just resting, & here it comes, everything he just had for dinner on my shoulder. O well. We sleep when he sleeps, which is not normally when we like to sleep, but we take sleep when we can get it. It's fun, really.... I promise.

By way of update, Alisha is starting to feel much better. I think she'll be back to full strength in a couple of weeks. But she has really improved from the first week after having Will. We're thankful for that. I'll be going back to work next week. But she'll have family around to help her when I'm not there. If you haven't come by to visit, we hope you know you're welcome to come. We'd love to introduce you to our son. (Just call first to make sure we're awake!)

We are so grateful for all our friends who have brought food. We have eaten like royalty over the past few days. It has really been a blessing & we pray that God will bless you in return for the way you've blessed us.

One more thing, a quick congratulations to our friends Jon & Stacy on the birth of their daughter Jordan Page! We're praying for you guys.

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The Walkers said...

Hi Corey - You're baby boy is beautiful!(It's ok to say a boy is beautiful when he's tiny, right?) Congratulations and enjoy every minute - the tiny stage goes by WAY too quickly!
Sara (Pigg) Walker

Jenna said...

Those are some incredibly adorable pictures!!! 513 pics.. can you expect any less from Corey Trevathan?? :) I can't wait to meet baby Will!!