Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last week I turned 32.  It used to sound so old to be in your 30's but now it just seems like a number.  Another year of joy I get to spend with my family and friends.

Since this sweet little baby in my tummy has me doing a lot resting we decided to stay in on my big day.  I went to dinner with some girls the night before and half way through the meal I was having so many contractions that I had to get out of their as quick as possible.  Thankful that as long as I lay down and keep drinking water that the contractions stop.

So, Corey and the kids spent the day making me cupcakes, taco soup and working on some homemade cards while I got to watch movies and relax (pretty awesome... I know!).  Will & Gracie were so proud to show me the cards they made.  Here is Will's... very thoughtful (he drew a picture for me on the inside, daddy did the writing of course!).

And then, Gracie walked in with her creation and it took all I had not to laugh!

It was so sweet and she was so proud!  I hope I never forget the look on her face when she presented it to me with such pride and pure innocence.  She also had help from her dad but when he walked away to take a call her creativeness took over and she made her master piece.  As he was walking back into the room she was crumbling it up into a ball and said... "all done"!  I love it Gracie and I hope you always feel confidence in yourself like you did that day!

Corey also out did himself this year on my gift and got the second edition of my blog published.  It was a lot of work because there is not a company that publishes Mac blogs so he had to cut and paste and then mail it to a publishing company to be made into a book.  It is awesome.  So fancy and even nicer than the first.  I absolutely love it!  And watching my kids look through the pages (almost 300 of them) and laugh at the pictures and then listen to the stories was amazing.  It was all I needed to get motivated to start blogging again.  This is the history I will share with my kids and grandkids one day!

Here are some pictures of the cover:

We finished off the day with dinner and cupcakes!

I love my family and feel so blessed to celebrate another year.  Thanks Corey for making it so special!  I love you!

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brooke said...

Happy Birthday! I'm about to be right there with you in a couple of months. I know you are so proud of the book Corey had printed for you. So incredibly special. I'm glad all is well with you and the little munchkins. Take care and War Eagle!