Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Fun!

If someone told me on Sunday that we would be snowed in until Thursday I wouldn't have believed it.  But, here it is Thursday and it's the first time we have left our house in 4 days!  Wow!  What a gift from God to be snowed in with your family.  Even with the "cabin fever" we experienced and the need for milk it was so great to have 4 uninterrupted days with just the 4 of us.  We got stuff done that we've been putting off, we rested... a lot, played games, watched movies and even played in the snow one day.

Here are a few pictures of our house.  The word is that we got 5-8 inches of snow!

Here are a few of my favorite moments:

~Gracie playing in the snow.  She enjoyed it much more this year than last.  I loved it when she threw it into the air and said, "It's snowing!" with that huge grin on her face.

~Will's first time sledding (on a trash can lid).  He was a little unsure about it.  I'm just proud he is getting braver and not so cautious like his mom!

~Snuggling in our bed watching Toy Story 3.

~Of course, watching Auburn win the National Championship!  War Eagle!  Will & Gracie were both so excited watching the first half of the game.  Gracie kept cheering "rah, rah, shish coom ba (sorry, don't know how to spell that one)!" and Will was running plays as the Tiger's did their thing.  So cute!

~I loved having naptime to spend with Corey.  We watched TV, hung pictures, and even took a nap or two.

~Sock wars with dad in our master bedroom!

~All 4 of us working on the nursery.  Corey & Will got the crib rail installed (it was off since Gracie used it for a toddler bed).  We hung the Auburn mobile which is the kids favorite thing in the room.  Gracie helped me put all of the baby clothes into the drawers (all gender neutral of course!). And then we got the swing put together.  I can't believe we are heading into the last trimester!

~All of the special treats we ate like, warm chocolate chip cookies, popcorn and leftover Christmas treats.  The kids don't usually get a lot of that around here so they loved every minute of it.

And, I'm sure their are many more things that I'm forgetting.

All I know is that I'm grateful. Maybe this week has been God's way of telling our families it is time to take a break and spend some quality time together with no holiday responsibilities or worries from the outside world.  Thank you God for this blessing and the gift of snow!



Cute snow pictures, Alisha! Glad you are blogging again!

Nana said...

Memories made with family are the best gifts we can give ourselves! Love you all all very much!

Stacy said...

Yayyy!! You are back! Can't wait to keep up with you on your blog again! :) With all of your resting time (and I am SURE you will obey your doctors!!!) you will have PLENTY of time to keep your blog up-to-date! :) Love you!