Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Trevathan (#3)

When I left blogger I was pregnant with Gracie.  I think it is pretty funny that I'm returning when I'm pregnant again!  My due date is April 10th.  So in case, you haven't heard or seen a picture of the newest Trevathan.. here you go...

Here is it's profile picture:

I think it's a girl, which if you know me or anything about my mother's intuition when it comes to this you know it is probably a boy!  I always get it wrong!

Here is it's footprint!  So cool!

These pictures were taken last Monday.  I am 27 weeks pregnant and wish I was feeling a little better than I have been.   I had a positive fFN test on Monday (of last week) which means I'm on modified bed rest for now until I'm feeling better.  The rest seems to be working so I'm hoping I won't be in bed for the rest of the pregnancy.

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Amy said...

I am definitely planning on being there this time when this baby is born since I couldn't be the other two times. SO PLEASE take it easy and rest so he/she does not come early because I want to hold him/her.

Love you!